Summer schools

We offer regular theatrical summer schools for 3–18 year olds in school holidays. The summer school runs from Monday to Friday, with rehearsals from 10am-4pm every day and a final show on the Friday evening. It's a jam-packed week full of fun, creativity and meeting new friends!

Summer 2018 is Musicals Week! This year's Summer School is being held at UCO Studios (Part of University Campus Oldham) and runs from 30th July to 3rd August 2018. Students will work on scenes, songs and dances from; 'Wicked', 'Grease' and 'High School Musical 2' and perform 'A Night at the Musicals' on Friday evening. Students will perform in 2 shows on Friday 3rd August, one at 6pm and one at 7pm. All parents are invited to buy up to 2 tickets to watch the children perform.

All participants must wear black clothing for the performance and arrive between 5.30-5.45 at UCO, ready to perform their first show. We expect the evening to finish at approximately 8pm. Parents are welcome to wait in the first floor seating area for their children whilst they perform. Please make sure all children are signed out at the end of the final show.

The Lion King - 2017

2017 was our 'Lion King' Summer School and as usual, the cast produced the show within 5 days! Every year, these young people surprise us with their talent, but some of these parts had huge chunks of dialogue to learn and they did it! And not only that, but all of our favourite Lion King songs were performed and some brilliant dancing too. And as usual, the cast got involved in make-up, props and scenery.

Wizard of Oz - 2016

2016 saw our Summer School cast produce 'The Wizard of Oz' in a week. With two Dorothys, a singing and dancing Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow, two Wicked Witches and a full cast of brilliant Oz creatures, this was a week to remember. And not only did the cast put on a show we won't forget, they created props and scenery and even got involved in face-painting!

The Little Mermaid – 2015

2015 saw our Summer School cast produce 'The Little Mermaid' in a week. With two mermaids, a handsome Prince, a wicked sea-witch, a huge lobster and a whole range of other fantastic creatures (including a flamingo, a shark and a parrot!) – a fantastic time was had by all. And not only did they put on a brilliant performance, the cast created props and scenery and even got involved in face-painting!

Beauty and the Beast – 2014

Our 2014 Summer School was our most popular yet. Our wonderful cast of young people put together an adaptation of 'Beauty and the Beast' in just five days! With three Beauties, a terrifying Beast, talking teapots, teacups, clocks and candles, and a chorus of french market sellers and creepy wolves - this was a certainly a show to remember. Our cast were involved in making their own props and costumes, and even made decorations for the audience's tables!

Alice in Wonderland – 2013

The 2013 Summer School was a fantastic adaptation of the well-known classic 'Alice in Wonderland'. The week involved rehearsals, singing, prop-making, stage design, lighting and sound design and much, much more. As well as having a fantastic time, our students produced a gob-smackingly amazing show. Audience members arrived to see the hall transformed into a Mad Hatter's Tea Party, with mountains of cakes and teapots filled with sherbert and were greeted by Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee having a cake fight! A fabulous time was had by all and it's fair to say we were all sad to see the end of a fabulous week.

The Wizard of Oz – 2012

In 2012, Wild Things Summer Schools produced The Wizard of Oz in a Week – a wonderfully colourful production with a cast of about 25-30 children. The show sold out and the audience and cast absolutely loved it.

If you would like more information about the Summer School or if you would like us to run a Summer School within your school, then please contact us by email or telephone Nancy on 07891 908912.